Mission Statement

We recognize and appreciate that we are fortunate to have finished our higher education from the University of the Philippines, the only national university in the country.  In appreciation of the excellent education, training, and development we received, we feel an obligation to support UP in “taking a lead role in the development of a globally competitive Philippines” through sponsorship of scholarships, faculty development, and funding projects in pursuit of excellence.

We have an obligation to keep our members connected not only among each other but also with the University to continue their quest for learning after graduation.  The rights of Association members shall be respected along with the observance of ethical practices in the conduct of association business by its officers and members.

We shall endeavor to give back to our community, in appreciation of the many benefits and support we have received which enabled us to get to where we are today.  This giving back is a testimony of our unique Filipino culture of utang na loob, as an expression of gratitude for having our lives enriched.