Remembering Rudy

Memorial Service for Rodolfo S.A. Ramos

Philippine Center – Milwaukee, WI

9 October, 2016

Eulogy Delivered by Roger Austria



I am Roger Austria, good friend of Rudy.  My friendship with Rudy has been a long one.   It dates back to the late 1940’s when we attended the University of the Philippines H.S., graduating in 1950.  It gives substance to the cliche, “I love him to death.”  (Jingle, I don’t think you were even born yet, right?).

Rudy was one of the youngest in our class. I don’t know if he was actually the youngest member?  But I do know that he was the last classmate to still wear short pants in class.

Rudy learned to love working at an early age.  While we were occupied with basketball, he worked part-time at the library.  This early passion for working not only paid dividends in his later life, but also turned him into a voracious reader.  You never saw Rudy killing time – he always had a book in his hands.

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UPAA-W’s Carolina Conti, MD Receives MHS Health 8th Annual Summit Award

CContiMD MHS Award

MHS Health Wisconsin (MHS Health), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC), presented its 8th Annual Summit Award to Carolina Conti, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician in Milwaukee.

The award acknowledges healthcare professionals for providing exemplary care and clinical excellence to MHS Health members throughout Wisconsin. A single award is presented annually.

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New Year’s Message From The Founder

Dear Fellow Members of UPAA-W,

Siony and I wish you the best for 2016 … and beyond.  May all your dreams and wishes come true — wish for more quality time with family, wish for happiness, long and healthy life, and other dreams that make extended life worth living.
Two thousand fifteen closed another chapter in the long history of our association, a chapter worth reminiscing down the road due in large part to the high commitment of many of our members and the very able stewardship of our immediate past president, Ike Pahm.  I echo the numerous kudos and congrats already sent Ike’s way by other members for his invaluable contributions to UPAA-W, not the least of which was the successful launch of our website.  As cited by Fe Visaya in her note of thanks, the “website brought our operations to the digital level of 21st century organizations.” Several attempts were made in previous years to develop a UPAA-W website but nothing came into fruition.  One reason for this was the cost/benefit factor.  Ike, with his computer expertise was able to surmount this issue.  Thus, our dream of a UPAA-W website, standing on its own, became a reality.

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